The statin and the wheelchair

Morning all. We have new developments.

My Dr’s and I have been consulting, and being naughty, I guess. Okay, those awesome ladies aren’t naughty as often as I am, I think. I switched back to my old Primary Care NP.

We talked. Especially since I can no longer take tylenol in any form. She agreed to take my old stating, and switch it. We talked about which otc meds are appropriate for my pain. We also talke about weight loss options.

I now have medical goals. Okay, sheet, that’s new. Haven’t had those in about a decade. Of course, haven’t had a uterus in almost exactly a decade either, so it balances out.

My new goal, to get the fuck out of the wheelchair. I haven’t had to take anything for pain in a couple of days. I have been in pain, yes, but it is down to a 4. Holy Crap!

I’d happy dance, but I’m not there yet. Holy Crap!!!!!!!!!! Woot woot! To have a couple of days with less pain, is a gift from God. It’s a treasure. It’s everything.

Please be good to yourselves. Hugs, -L


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