All the things

Morning all. Hubble and I are doing okay today. Young Master Duke has taken over our bed, and the world is an okay place to be in.

Confession time, my Husband made coffee for me. Considering the shape he’s in, this is a swoon worthy event. He needs snuggle hugs for this.

I’m in the midst of an organizing frenzy today. My sewing cabinet is actually my desk. I’ve decided to liberate the filing cabinet next to my desk in order to do some things, and also liberate another cabinet nearby for the same purposes.

Okay, here’s the scoop. I can’t access 1/3 of my craft supplies. They are currently in boxes. I have no space for them. By the process of elimanation, I’ve determines what things are space wasters, and what things are desperately needed.

I have got to quit watching Adam Savage’s one hour builds on tested. I swear to God. He talks about first order accessibility all the time. Either the man is insane, or seriously out to improve the world. I suspect a little bit of both.

That Kondo human, with the sparking joy thing, can bite me hard. I’m seriously invested in telling this human this one day. However, I have to focus on reality. I will never meet this person, or Adam Savage.

I have been threatened with stash and tool enhancement again. Since I have added to my repetoire of hobbies, again, this is problematic. I have no room in the woman cave on the east side of the living room to do anything. I have also called this the studio, the dungeon, and other things over the years. I have accepted the fact that I won’t win a billion dollar lottery. (Not buying a ticket might have something to do with it.) So, redoing my space is happening.

Okay, first, I suppose I must list the hobbies.

  • woodworking (no longer active, I miss it)
  • music
  • reading
  • writing (duh)
  • studying
  • research
  • spinning yarn (complete with spinning wheel)
  • weaving (complete with a couple of looms)
  • embroidery and cross stitch
  • sewing (complete with 3 treadle sewing machines, a brother sewing machine and the fricking partridge in a pear tree)
  • knitting
  • crochet
  • drawing
  • painting (both oil and acrylic, part of the stash enhancement)
  • bike riding (doesn’t happen from the wheelchair anymore)
  • calligraphy
  • journaling
  • mathematics (much more limited now, however numbers make me happy)
  • watching videos (usually how to and history documentaries)
  • podcasting (I miss this the most, has evolved into tiktok)
  • teaching (breaking down the steps, traditions and the like, also how to stitch)
  • wood burning, or pyrography (this is no longer active, I’m not able to cut and sand the wood like I want to)
  • wood carving (see under wood burning)
  • body building (I really miss this, going to the gym to exercise and lift weights, if I could figure out how to do it on my income and medical restrictions you bet your arse I’d do it in a hearbeat)
  • running (see body building)
  • cooking
  • baking
  • camping
  • and most important, hugging!

I’m sure that there are a few missing from the above list. Not all of these hobbies are active, obviously. I mean, I can’t run an angle grinder with my hands anymore, and using a saw is a little bit out there. So, I have had to really work on paring down to my little corner for the universe, the hobbies that fit, and work.

Maybe I should buy that lottery ticket eh? Meanwhile, I will get the re-organizing done, perhaps not all at once. My beloved Shuggie Lump has asked me to run to the store, and pick up a couple of nosh.

I hope all is well with you and yours. Take care. -L


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