An average day

Morning all, canned post here. Thought I would walk you through a day in the life of a strange person who is 3 fries short of a happy meal.

12-1 in the morning. Depending on the morning. Still awake, waiting for the throbbing to end. I go from the bed to the desk in an effort to just get something done. I have a smoke or two, and watch too many hilarious tiktok videos. I check my favorite blog or two, and then head to the necessary.

1-2 at some time, I finally grab Joanna’s Egypt videos on youtube, and listen to her while I drift off to sleep.

3:30… Wake up to pee, contemplate having a smoke, decide against it and head back to bed. At some time in the next 2 hours, my headset is yeeted to the other side of the bed, possibly the bedroom, and I start snoring.

5 Wake up to pee, find the headset, kvetch about night gremlins, wonder if I have slept enough to get by, and finally do my morning prayers. Sometimes, it’s as simple as Good Morning God, I love you, please forgive me, please help us all.

5:30, if I haven’t fallen asleep at the desk, head to the kitchen for coffee. If the sweet Hubble is up, he will often make some for me, and I have the first joy juice of the day.

6-7 or so, catch up on emails, and try to figure out what the heck is going on with the day. This is where the daily 10th or 11th step whacks into place. I may shoot off a couple of blog posts, pre-writing them for upcoming emergencies.

7-8, I probably will call my Buddy and flick him sheet. His Bride and I chat too, as he keeps me on speaker phone. He threatens to call me sane, and I threaten to whack him upside the head with a skillet. We talk recovery, because we aren’t stupid, and we often try to figure out how to not commit homicide over the rest of the day. I ask him to give his bride gentle hugs for me, and we hang up.

8 ish… Take my insulin and my meds. I calibrate the snitch, and contemplate the universe. Okay, I try to make the executive decision on whether or not to have a 2nd liter of coffee. The world will end without it, and I just can’t. Usually, there is food involved somewhere in there.

After 9AM. I draw for an hour. It could be pencil, it could be pen. It probably has both graphite and charcoal. It might not be a full hour, sometimes I have a cigarette and think about it. In the background, there’s soft music on the headset. I then post it to Insta and Facebook.

10 or so, I play a couple of games on my tablet. I love Monopoly. And the version I own gives me the ability to switch the rules around a bit. I completely enjoy bankrupting AI opponents, and it thrills me to sink that ship last.

11 ish…. I work on whatever comes to mind. I might start stitching early, and spend an hour or more stitching. It could be knitting, crochet, sewing, cross stitch, embroidery, or whatever makes me happy in the moment. Some projects get 5 minutes of work, while others take an hour or two out of my day.

Dinner, or Lunch as regular folks call it… Whatever is quick and easy. I don’t have the strength to make anything but a sammich or maybe popcorn if I am in the mood. Often is a can of soup, or a bowl of ramen. In season, there are salads!!!!!!!

Afternoon, NAP. Must happen. By this time, I’m whupped. I might lay there with a book, or a youtube video. I might actually sleep. I’m recharging my battery, which usually runs on 20% most of the time.

Evening, usually a meeting. There’s a few of us in recovery that meet in unconventional places. Certain days of the week, I’m on twitch with another Buddy or Two. I might be making a Tiktok video, or I might focus on another book. I might sit there with fiber in hand, and try to figure out what the heck I’m doing during the meeting or stream.

Night time, I may actually head to bed around 9. Sometimes, the Gods allow me sleep. Others, I’m f’d and am up till 5 or 6 in the morning again.

Pain levels are usually the best before 2 in the afternoon, then they start raising like Lazarus. On bad pain days, I might still stich, I might draw, but I do my best. On the worst pain days, I just spend the sucker in bed.

In the meantime, Duke has been let in and out every hour. A load of laundry is run through the washer or dryer. Dishes are run through that machine, if I am able to load the dishwasher. Otherwise the Hubble gets it done. I snack alot, just to maintain the bloodsugar. I might field a phone call from a family member or someone else. I usually just try to be a good kid. I try to behave.

That’s about it. On days when I can’t get to a meeting, which is rediculous, because zoom allows 24 hour access to recovery, I read a book on recovery related topics, or the grapevine. There’s always something to do. Always, and time spent working on recovery is never wasted.

That said, Duke is telling me that it’s time to let him outside again, and while he is outside, I’m going to hit the necessary. Take care, huge hugs, I love you all. Squish! -L