Morning all, I’m waiting for office 365 to download again. Sighs, I didn’t think I wanted it beyond being secretary for that one organization. Yet, for writing beyond the blog, I use word. I’d deleted the subscription when I left the secretary position behind.

Now that I am not having to make flyers for this on the fly, and not having to search records for that, I’m thinking I will enjoy it more. I’m watching that red and green icon at the bottom of my screen slowly move to the right. It’s a good thing that I have a Lindybeige video going on the tablet to keep me entertained.

Who or what is Lindybeige? He’s an archaeologist from Britain. He has almost 1.2 million subscribers on youtube. He waffles on about this or that topic from history, and right now, I’m listening to him talk about Napoleon. Okay, I’m really entertained by the dead. It’s a more blunt way of saying I am a history nerd. He’s much more entertaining than anyone but my 8th grade history teacher.

Hope you have a lovely day. My plans are to get some work done, rework some of my files, and to stitch awhile. Take care, please. Huge hugs. –L


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