Progress, slow but sure

Back to the steps. what a lot of you don’t know, is that my recovery books are all either in Kindle, or they are in a box under my bed. I don’t use pen and paper anymore to work them at all. Most of my step work ends up on a device.

To the nay sayers who say that “It’s not the same with a keyboard or an electronic device.” I say, “You are right, it’s not. It is easier and better. It’s more comfortable.” I’m much happier with a keyboard and a mouse than I am with a pen and paper.

So, back to the program. I’m also one of those sadistic bastards that still does it, “By the book.” Meaning, I start at step one with the front cover of the book. I read through, and take notes. I even highlight, and write down my questions. I do it research style. It’s how I learned the material in the first place.

As something comes up in my study, I journal it, and work it through. I also, once the book work is done, will write a formal first step. And then move on to the next step. I’m plodding, and methodical.

Why do I do it this way? Aren’t there easier ways? Yep, there are. In NA, there are those who only go to the step working guide and ignore the rest. Chuckle, I wasn’t taught that way.

There are also Hazelden pamphlets, millions of non-conference approved methods, and the like. This is what works for me.

I’m also an evil wretch, and will come to a bad end some day. It’s also why I don’t sponsor except for one courageous bugger who stuck it through with me.

Tomorrow, the Hubble is having the first of two surgeries. I’ll be stuck in the car, so I will have my tablet and keyboard, my laptop and phone, and adetermined eye towards distraction. I think I’m a bit prayed out for now. Hugs, -L


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