The snitch, and change

The Dexcom G6 saved my life last night. I nap, quite a bit. Especially after I have a big day the day before. I wore my headphones to sleep and watched a couple of youtube videos as I laid down.

Next thing I knew, there was an alarm. It took quite awhile to wake me up. The alarms at first were a part of my dream, and I was so confused. Eventually, I grabbed the monitor, and crap. My sugar was 66 and dropping.

I won’t go into a blow by blow, but ended up with a sugar fo 50 before it started going back up again. I haven’t been very hungry lately, and the amount of food I had to consume, including chocolate milk, to bring it back up, made the next hours unpleasant.

My type of diabetes is a bugger. My pancreas does work occasionally, and once in awhile it wakes up and goes wait a minute, I have a purpose. And then crap like this happens. Other times, I can go over a year without the dratted thing kicking out extra insulin. I take long acting insulin, because a lazy pancreas is a rat bastard, and needs to be flogged.

So, after my sugar bottom, I laid back down again, and waited for the sugar to finish rising. My pancreas is still fighting to drop my blood sugar, and I can’t get it to go over 100. Which isn’t a problem, but it is. I’m really trying to not lose my lunch so to speak. Sighs. I will get by. Thank God for the damned snitch. It saved my life.

Take care, please, and I will bug you again soon. -L


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