3 dog sweaters are finished!!!!!!!! Happy dance! Woot woot woot! They will be delivered on Thursday, and I couldn’t be happier. Holy Crap. I’m tickled pink!

Okay, that’s out of the way. I’ve also been doing other mischief and mayhem. I downloaded an app to the phone and to the tablet. It reminds me of all the happy crap that I need to get done and did. It’s HELPING! Okay, someone had one too many energy drinks.

Google Tasks, is the app in question. I have separate lists. First is for the big things. Then there’s the blog. Then there’s medical. Right now, stitch witchery ends up on the big list, but I’m probably going to have to put it in it’s own list.

Here’s the good part. It all shows up on my Google Calendar, and I can have recurring tasks. I even can set a time frame for them to be done. For example, I want to stitch for a minimum of one hour per day. I want to draw for an hour per day. I have times that the meds need to be taken. (I blame diabetes for that. Sigh.)

Snort, I love this thing! Better than bullet journaling. Okay, I have a psycholigical aversion to washi tape right now. Just a FYI. The scrap bookers really took over bullet journaling, and we won’t discuss Boho Berry.

I decided that I didn’t want to waste an hour a day on a bullet journal. It was causing more stress than was worth it. So, I still do my lists. I still do my step work. I just separate them.

Now, for the rest of the mischief and mayhem. I have a dress I am working on. She’s gorgeous, a morning, or day dress from the later 1800’s. No hoop skirts involved. I also have a couple of shifts I want to get done. There’s a mask I am upgrading to be prettier, and many many other plans, plots and schemes. It will get done.

The neat thing about dedicating time to things in this manner, I can say enough when I have bad pain days. I can move things forward on stressed out days. I can do this.

Meanwhile, have a great afternoon. Take care, Hugs, -L


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