A certain obsession

Morning all, it’s a lovely day in the neighborhood. Okay, it’s o’dark thirty again, and I need my back cracked by a team of obsessive compulsive chiropractors on a mission. That said, I’m in relatively okay spirits.

Tiktok is keeping me surprisingly entertained lately. When I can’t focus for the pain, I rely on the stupidity of tiktok. I need the humor, and sometimes belly rumblles so deep that the dog worries for my sanity. I sit here, and I cackle loud enough to wake the neighbors, and frighten the Hubsy unit.

Laughter, being a medication of rarity around my home, is better than morphine. It’s free, and the only side effect is that I have to change my britches every once in awhile, or I have tears rolling down my cheeks and gasp desperately for air, oh well.

The ones I laugh at the most, are these fellas who are doing the thirst traps… and the biggest gigle I get is they all have a 6 pack, and all are wearing no damned shirt etc… Most of them are young enough to be a child or grandchild of mine. And the thing is, if one of them tried to come over, my dog would eat them alive.

Or, I would put them to work around the house. We need a roof, the water heater needs repair, the bathroom needs this, this room needs that. There are guys wearing electrician’s gear? Send them over, there are cloth wrapped wires throughout my house. A plumber? Holy crap, send a troop of them. Builders? Mama needs a she shed in the back.

So yeah, send the thirst traps over, there’s a lot of work to be done here. By the way, these fellas don’t make my ovaries go spung, I haven’t had ovaries in over 10 years now, so there’s nothing to go spung….

I better get back to tiktok, I’m sure I’m missing some rant or giggle somewhere. Take care folks, hugs. -L


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