Weird things we do

Morning, the Hubs and I are still waiting and praying. Duke is busy licking his paws, and I’m enjoying some Tang.

I don’t always imbibe coffee like it is the elixer of life. There are days I don’t have coffee until mid afternoon. But that’s not the point of this post.

Due to medical, the Hubs and I can not drink carbonated drinks anymore. It becomes… painful for me and problematic for him. So, I buy bottled water and ice tea mix or water enhancers. It’s much cheaper, and weirdly healthier for the both of us. I keep the bottled water in the garage, which while not insulated, doesn’t get as cold as it could be.

Other things we do is have instant coffee at hand. Yes, I know, I don’t always drink coffee first thing in the morning, but on the mornings when it is needed… there are times well, I can’t wait for the coffee maker.

In summer, I keep a gallon of coffee in thr fridge at all times. As I use powdered creamer, I mix the creamer and sweetener in when the coffeee is hot and fresh. That way, I don’t have to monkey with it as much. Pour over ice, and I’m a happy woman.

The only prepackaged beverage other than water that we drink is actually milk. After decades of being allergic to it, for some reason, I can drink milk without most problems again. We go through a few gallons per week.

The Hubs can’t eat certain foods, and I can’t eat other foods. I still buy things he can’t eat, and he still enjoys foods I won’t eat. We don’t eat meals together for the most part. We eat when we are hungry, to be honest. For example. I loathe bananas in any form. They are a blight uppm the palate, and never pass my lips unless pressured. Hubs has them because he needs the potassium. He can’t eat oranges, at all. Yet, I love citrus.

I keep oranges at my desk, along with nuts and olives. He can’t have them. Also, I have a small space in the fridge for pickles and other things. He has cookies, cake, fudge, and brownies. I can’t have any of those.

So, we have separate diets.

The only sacred space in the fridge is the cooler that houses my insulin. I keep it in a soft sided cooler so that the temperature doesn’t fluctuate as bad when the fridge is kept open, especially when loading groceries.

I started that habit a couple of years ago, when our old device was dying, and I put ice packs in the soft sided cooler in order to keep it fresh.

I use adaptive devices quite often. In order to get dressed, I have to use a sock assist, and an elongated shoe horn. I use a hooked device and other things. Those stay in the bathroom, and most of the time, I sit on the throne to get dressed. I also have a large wash tub that I use to get clean in between showers.

The Hubsy doesn’t need those devices quite yet, but has his own adaptive aids to help him. We keep a small basin for his needs. He also uses an electric razor at his desk.

The Hubsy’s desk is our old kitchen table. He has the exact same tablet model I do, and he watches shows on it. He also has his smart phone. His Bible studies are all online, so he can reference his Bible studies, and follow along in his book.

My office is one half of the living room, and my bed is just a roll and a hop away from my desk. I use a regular office chair in here, and I have shelves for books and crafting supplies. My sewing machines and project supplies are also at hand. Under my bed is for storage, and it works well enough.

Hubsy has the other half of the living room for his bedroom. We don’t separate the room with a curtain or anything like that, but we have done so in the past. The living room is where I spent 95% of my time, and he spends all of his awake time in the dining area at his desk.

We are weird, I know, but neither of us can climb the stairs to the bedrooms. Our house technically has 3 levels, and a bedroom and an office area upstairs. It just isn’t feasible to get up there.

We do live weirdly, but it works for us. Hope all is well in your world as I said. Please take care, Hugs, -L


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