Tu-Bardh is helping me get through the morning.

Hullo again all, I’ve been interspersing off the cuff posts with pre-programming. So, when you get more than one post per day, it’s my fault entirely.

Clanadonia, a Scots drum band is one of my favorites. Their album Keeping it Tribal is just yummy. It stirs the blood enough that I can get through. As predicted, I woke with quite a bit of rust on the joints. As predicted, the Hubble and I have to run to the winds to get his medical taken care of. Tu-Bardh is taking enough of the schmutz out of my mind so I can focus. Tyler’s Lament makes my blood sing and sends shivers down my spine.

My back has now cracked and popped with a stretch, and I can begin the mayhem that is today. There is one mandatory stop on the way home. We need to hit a Dollar General. The Hubble has a cookie fetish, and must have backup cookies for the ones in stock. I don’t want him to run out.

I also need some mischievous supplies, so I need to spend a buck or two. That said, I better get my socks on and go potty. We need to fly down the road soon enough.

Hugs all, take care. I hope the drums help you today too. By the way, you can find Clanadonia on youtube for a first listen, and then buy their albums on Bandcamp. This blog is not sponsored, I just wanted to spread the joy. -L


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