Waiting, just waiting

Good morning, hope all is well with you. Duke and I have already sung the song of his people, and the coffee maker is busy making the morning right. We have made the executive decision that today we will snuggle more than we did yesterday.

Not possible? Hush you, this is Duke’s executive decision, and he rules this nest.

We have a few plans in place for the day. The Hubs is having a medical study done soon, and we are very worried about the results. He has an abdominal aortic aneurism, and it’s been growing again. We hope and pray that not only does he survive the surgery if needed, but that he is going to be okay.

I’m not ready to give up custody of the Hubsy unit. I’m not ready to be a widow. So, we hope and pray.

Why don’t I snuggle my beloved Shuggie Lump? Pain. His arthritis is much worse than mine, and even the pressure of my laying next to him would be too painful for him to take. Duke and I snuggle in our bed, and he rests as much as he can in his.

Meanwhile, my Rosary is calling for me, it’s time to pray. Huge hugs all, hope all is well with you. -L


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