Woke up from a strange dream again

I dreamed that I was a normie. HAHAHAHA just kidding.

Morning all, I’m playing with a theory that in my dreams I’m okay, and can walk and run just like normal people do. Sadly, tthat will never happen again. Talk about heart breaking. At least in my dreams I can run eh?

The conversion of the dungeon to a studio is on going. Yesterday, the Hubs and I moved an air conditioner, and then we cleared the worst of the crap. I spent the evening swapping books for fabric and yarn on shelves again. The process isn’t finished yet. I sit at my desk with 5 boxes of office crap slash books and such behind me.

Once Hubsy wakes up, he laid down for a nap, I’m going to switch those out and pop them under my bed. I then need to sweep and such. I still have to figure out clothes. I’m in the midst of multiple clothes conversion projects.

When clothes don’t fit, or become too worn or such, I convert them to another thingamie. It doesn’t take long, but they do take room. We don’t have storage for that, and I am down to a few select garments that I wear in public, and a few that I wear at home.

So, sorting and storage solutions have to be in my near future. Also, I kinda went on a bit of a fabric bender again. I’m not ashamed, but my cheeks are a little hot thinking about it. I made the executive decision that instead of paying 40 each for an under the clothes upper body garment, I’m going to buy a pattern, and make my own. I’m sick and tired of finding latex in things that shouldn’t be there.

Okay, I’m sick of blistering from that issue.

I also have several sewing machine toys coming. Spare belts and parts, extra oil, a gun cleaning kit that I can use exclusively on the sewing machine. I figure the expense for this this way. The 160 it would have cost for the underpinnings is getting split up into the expenses this way. 80 for fabric. 80 for sewing machine bits and bobs. The Hubsy doesn’t care, really, and is okay as long as I help with household expenses.

He’s mellowed out a bit over the years.

BRB, my coffee cup has developed a hole in the bottom, and I feel a wave of sadness coming.

There, that’s better. Where was I? Oh, how I’m rationalizing and justifying spending money on fabric and sewing machine gear rather than the bane of my existence pre-made.

You get the point, don’t you? I hope you do. I loathe those damned things. I don’t trust that there isn’t going to be latex or some other crap in them, and fear is pushing me into the undergarment industry. I’m going to start with bikini tops, and work my way over into those dreaded garments from hell.

I’ve started this post with waking up from a dream where I was ‘normal’ we both know that I will never ever be. By yeeting off into a stitching montage, I am starting to feel better. That was truly a nightmare.

Hugs, huge squishy ones everyone. Hope all is well with you. May your coffee be bottomless, and your day be better than any. -L


Pet sweaters

Morning all, It seeems that winter will never end, and that there just isn’t enough coffee to go around these days. Have hope, please, it’s 50 days until Spring.

Bernat’s Yarnspirations baby blanket yarn isn’t worth the cost of the yarn. It’s basically crap yarn. However, there is one thing it is useful for. That’s critter sweaters. With the right hook, you can make one in an evening for a smaller critter and it turns out warm enough to survive the coldest wind for long enough for a potty break.

For a crochet project, it’s a simple one. I used a 9 mm hook. I measured the critter in question, a young pooch named Sophie, or rather her parents did. You need the measurement around the thickest part of the chest, the circumference of the head, and the length between the collar and the top of the shoulders.

You will need one of those plastic needles for weaving in ends, and a nippers. I ended up cutting the yarn probably 4 times. Chain 1 or 2 stitches longer than that length of the circumference of the chest. For Sophie, this was 28 stitches. Single crochet the length up the critter, from hip to the shoulder, which was 11 inches.

I then did the crochet equivalent of short rows. I chained 2 and turned, and did 4 rows of single crochet. I cut the yarn, and then began 2 stitches from the flap on where I left off at the barrel shape I started with. I left 2 stitches at either side blank, and did 4 rows. I then turned the work, chained 2, single crocheted across, and then chained 2, joining with a slip stitch.

It was at this point that I began the decreases for the shoulders down to the neck. I would decrease at least 2 or 3 stitches acrossed the back and then 2 stitches across the chest area. I probably kept this up for 6 rows. I made sure that the ending row was an even number of stitches.

For the sleeves, I picked up stitches for the arms, and did about 4 rows for each sleeve. Be careful here, if the critter has longer claws, you will want a looser sleeve than a narrower sleeve.

Now we go to finish the bottom of the sweater. Acrossed the back, I picked up the same number of stitches as there were across the back between the sleeves at the top. Every row, I decreased evenly, making a crescent shape down to where the base of the tail begins.

Now, I weave in the ends, very carefully.

Washing and care instructions. I’d hand wash these in a mild soap. This yarn is such crap, that it’s not worth ruining your washer or dryer over. Leave flat to dry. This yarn will shed worse than the critter if washed normally.

That said, it does produce lovely results for a critter. Here is the link to Sophie wearing her new sweater. Sophie’s warmest sweater

Take care my friends. Hugs, -L