The fall

Earlier this month, my husband and I took a day trip for some medical needs. On our way back, we stopped at a smoke shop and a dollar store. Our cookie stash was dangerously low, and I get quite fiesty when I can’t have a cigarrette.

One thing I had learned a long time ago, was to hold off on liquids as much as possible while waiting for my beloved to be done at the hospital. I stay in the car, so I don’t catch infections while waiting, and I usually knit or other stitching while waiting.

We got back home before I really needed a restroom, and my haste bit me in the hip. I slipped on the ice, and fell in the driveway. I couldn’t get up by myself.

Note, Minnesota in winter is brutally cold, and the driveway wasn’t much warmer than it needed to be. The good news, I was sheltered by the wind. The bad news, I needed the ER.

It turns out I didn’t break anything, but waiting in the ER to pee was murder. I eventually convinced them to just send me home before all of the xrays were in. I knew I could deal with the pain, but not having access to the bathroom was just evil.

They were willing to let me go because of my policy. I am not talking about insurance. I’m talking about pain medication. I refused pain meds, of any form. They only took xrays, and helped me get to a bathroom eventually.

That said, I was glad to be home, took 2 aleve, and 2 tylenol arthritis and went to bed.

It took over a week to recover from the bumps and bruises, and I felt quite stabby for several days afterwards. Especially since the next day I was informed that the local hospital refuses to do proceedures due to my body mass index. IE I am too fat.

That said, I am okay. I’m still pretty limpy, but I will survive. It’s good to know that the local hospital refuses to treat me. I guess refusing pain meds makes it so that they don’t know what to do with me. Oh well, I am still stubborn I guess.

Hope all is well with you and yours, please take care, hugs, -L


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