The fall

Earlier this month, my husband and I took a day trip for some medical needs. On our way back, we stopped at a smoke shop and a dollar store. Our cookie stash was dangerously low, and I get quite fiesty when I can’t have a cigarrette.

One thing I had learned a long time ago, was to hold off on liquids as much as possible while waiting for my beloved to be done at the hospital. I stay in the car, so I don’t catch infections while waiting, and I usually knit or other stitching while waiting.

We got back home before I really needed a restroom, and my haste bit me in the hip. I slipped on the ice, and fell in the driveway. I couldn’t get up by myself.

Note, Minnesota in winter is brutally cold, and the driveway wasn’t much warmer than it needed to be. The good news, I was sheltered by the wind. The bad news, I needed the ER.

It turns out I didn’t break anything, but waiting in the ER to pee was murder. I eventually convinced them to just send me home before all of the xrays were in. I knew I could deal with the pain, but not having access to the bathroom was just evil.

They were willing to let me go because of my policy. I am not talking about insurance. I’m talking about pain medication. I refused pain meds, of any form. They only took xrays, and helped me get to a bathroom eventually.

That said, I was glad to be home, took 2 aleve, and 2 tylenol arthritis and went to bed.

It took over a week to recover from the bumps and bruises, and I felt quite stabby for several days afterwards. Especially since the next day I was informed that the local hospital refuses to do proceedures due to my body mass index. IE I am too fat.

That said, I am okay. I’m still pretty limpy, but I will survive. It’s good to know that the local hospital refuses to treat me. I guess refusing pain meds makes it so that they don’t know what to do with me. Oh well, I am still stubborn I guess.

Hope all is well with you and yours, please take care, hugs, -L


The giant tote of books, under the bed.

Morning, hope your coffee is at the perfect temp, and the day goes smoothly for you.

I am slowly converting the book shelves over into yarn and fabric storage. This is an interesting task. I found my old ipad mini 4, which hasn’t worked in quite awhile. The good news, is that the case from it fits my new samsung tablet almost perfectly. I can’t complain, it’s 20 dollars in my pocket I don’t have to spend on a newer case.

The tote I was using for most of the yarn is the largest that Sprally world sold at the time. I ended up throwing all of the books from one shelving unit in it, swapping out the yarn and fabric for the books. I still have more yarn and fabric, and many many more books to swap out. I’m going to have to do the same with the other totes, in order to make it work right. One shelf is reserved for notebooks yet, but those are project notebooks anyway.

Sadly, dead trees take up a lot of room, but I don’t have enough room for yarn in the tote system I have. I can’t access the fabrics I want to use either, so it’s going to have to be a swap out. Yes, I will miss my books, but I have hundred of books on kindle and audio book. We aren’t even talking about the books I have for knitting and crochet or sewing.Those still have room on the shelves on my desk.

Most of the books getting moved are old recovery books that I have long since replaced on my kingle app. Yes, I know, J.B. over at Amazon is evil. I don’t care. My tablet is much lighter than a physical book, and it works great for my hands.

I like having my books available on my phone at all times as well. Meanwhile, I’m going to have to keep working at it. I have 3 shelves to fill with fabric and yarn as well as tool storage to arrange. I guess this means that I am getting serious about the fiber arts, doesn’t it.

I suppose I best get back to work. Have a great day. Hugs. -L