Weird, but it works

Morning, have had a lovely cuppa tea, and some louisiana hot sauce on my breakfast this morning. The peppers help the pain levels. Kinda like a booster shot, you know?

Any ways, I have been working on the wee beastie of a tablet again, and I was hemming and hawing over what I was going to do for storage space. This thing is 32 gb, and I’m running out of room fast. I already deleted everything I could, and am just running the most basic of apps.

Then it hit me, I wonder if the old tablet had an sd card installed. I didn’t remember using one, but it wouldn’t hurt to check. Digging through the middle drawer of my desk, I found the little pokie, and checked the old tablet.

Boom! There it is!!!!!!!!! Woot woot! It’s the first sd card I ever bought, and the sucker only has 32 gb, but you know what? That would still double the amount of storage in the tablet.

I shut down the wee beastie, and slapped the card in there. On a restart, I got the card installation notification, and I am tickled pink. Next thing on the agenda was to open the kindle app, and whip those books over to the sd card.

Yes, I know, those books aren’t that big, but you know what? I have both the kindle and audible app. I have thousands of books. I actually want to be able to down load the mischief for my own personal use, and I’m tickled pink.

The weird thing about this card? It was the first one sold at the Verizon store in my home town of it’s size. Back when I bought it, nobody wanted to spend money on extra storage. The employee freaked a little when I said, give me the 32 gb one.

The sd card in my Amazon cart? 256 gb. And yes, I will buy the sucker and install it when it gets here.

Meanwhile, I better get back to work. Huge hugs and huggage. -L


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