I dug something out.

Morning all, still snowed in here, hope all is going well with you and yours. Duke and I are busy assimilating enough to get through the morning. I am working on coffee, and he of course has his chew bones.

Yesterday, I dug out my old laptop bag, and worked on converting it to a journal bag. I’ve spent way too much time looking on Amazon for a project bag, and while I can make my own, a laptop bag usually ticks all the boxes.

I don’t go anywhere, but having most of my journal supplies all in one place just makes sense. I’m getting sick and tired of having to scramble for a pen or the stencils I love.

I went through the journals, and I had to sort the partially filled ones out. I’m going to be filling them with scribblings and drawings. Then I can retire them. I used to retire them to a fire pit, but at this point, it just makes more sense to keep them.

I’ve spoken in the past about the purge. I purge crap items, and this makes room for acquiring more things. That said, as far as journaling supplies go, I have plenty to go for many years.

I often give away other things. My old laptop bag, which was big enough for a 17 iinch device, I gave to my replacement as secretary. I needed to get rid of it, as well as most of the other things associated with being secretary.

I hope that I can keep the purge going, and I am going to be digging other things out as needed.

As far as the knitting and other hobbies go, I need to get to work on those projects. Poking millions of holes into fabric, or knitting up miles of fabric seems to be the only thing that calms me when Duke is busy.

Have a lovely day, hugs. -L


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