A few updates

I believe that the other day I wrote about the Hubsy monkeying with my treadle. He is still breathing, and doesn’t know about the damage he did.

The main reason I freaked out is he ran her backwards and twisted all the knobs in whatever direction he wanted. This monkeyed the machine up past the dripping oil. Treadles really freaking loathe running backwards. They get their revenge by grounding you for weeks. Until she forgives me, she ain’t going to work right.

She’s like a car in quite a few ways. With a car, when it is -30 F windchill, you sweet talk to her while she tries to start. For awhile, you give her the best gasoline, and the right additives, especially in winter months. You also make sure her oil is changed, and that she gets the right mechanic. If you don’t, she won’t start, and you will regret every decision you made since birth.

Treadles are like computers, you get the right anti-virus, and do the right maintainance. You clear the cache, clear out the cookies, and run an anti-virus weekly. If you don’t, you get the black screen of death.

With a treadle, letting my husband twist all of the knobs and run her backwards, was like letting a 6 year old on the computer without anti-virus, or letting a 16 year old play with the car without driver’s training.

Neither the computer or the car will forgive you for quite some time. My treadle still hasn’t forgiven me, and even though I cleaned her with alcohol, she’s still pissed. So, slowly, ever slowly, I am resetting her, and working very carefully in order to get her to stitch again.

In other news, I’ve finally gotten the dratted mammogram done. It’s strongly recommended that I start wearing a certain under the clothes upper garment again. I have an ongoing medical issue that is requiring it. Sadly the costs per undergarment is about 40 USD. A cheaper one just won’t work as well.

The Hubsy has been warned about the necessary new expense. Sighs. He freaks when I tell him what I am spending and why I am spending it. It’s good for his metabolism, and is part of the passive aggressive nature that I am working to over come in myself.

Then again, he ran my treadle backwards and twisted all of her knobs. I better let you go, I need another cigarette, and to think awhile. Huge huggage all. -L


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