The newest gear

Morning all, it’s one of those days when the snow is deeper than the happy horse crap around here. That’s a good thing, I think, though my neighbors probably don’t think it is so.

I’m writing this on a new tablet. I just was falling way too behind on everything tablet related, this blog being one of them. It arrived yesterday, and I’ve been spending the last 20 hours getting it ready.

It’s the cheapest Samsung I can afford, and yet, I don’t mind the expense in this case. It means that I can get so much more done, in a much shorter time.

That said, other new to me gear are multiple cross stitch kits. I was warned that a good dumpster diving friend had several for me. I hadn’t done any cross stitch in over 30 years. So, in prep, when I was in the local sprall mart, I picked up a couple of small kits. I wanted to work without the scent of mold running through.

Bless my dumpster diving friend, but many of the things she finds are musty or moldy. I hate to say it, but much of it lands back in the dumpster. However, she does score quite a few good tools while she dives.

The best crimping shears I’ve ever gotten have come from her dumpster diving escapades. I have also received some thimbles and other sewing ephemera from her. Knitting needles, the antique ones, also rock.

That said, I’ve also figured out that I need an sd card or two, and that I also need to switch out some sewing gear.

Now for the purging. I’ve done a stash dive, and found some less than stellar yarn. Never again will I purchase yarn sight unseen. It was part of a stash enhancement from a ‘friend’ who saw yarn at a rummage sale and called.

This yarn is worse than moldy items in a dumpster. And rather than buying good new yarn, I am working hard to hook or knit up the crap yarn.

Other than that, I’ve also purged the old notebooks that don’t work well. I’m going through the journaling supplies, and purging the markers and pens that just don’t work anymore.

I’ve been trying to purge some with every stash enhancement. Sadly, some stash enhancements aren’t worth it, but getting rid of the worst of it, just makes sense.

Hope all is well with you, will see you again tomorrow. Take care.


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