Freezing your everything off

Morning all, It’s about 20 to five in the morning, and I’m waiting for the tylenol, aleve, and the hotsauce to kick in. It’s too cold to let Duke out yet, and the Hubs is sound asleep. Hopefully the Hubs is not feeling much pain this morning.

Yesterday was a grocery run, and it was cold enough that the wind not just took your breath away, it just made breathing a painful mess. I’d hauled the bags in with a cart, and mercy, I coughed until I didn’t know where the snot was coming from but I think it had to have come from my toes. Ugh.

This morning is freeze your bits and bobs off cold. If it ain’t covered, expect frost bite cold. If you are in the wind, expect it to freeze off and blow to the next state cold. Yes, I whine. I don’t believe that I will be going out today, even if there would be a bountiful check in the mail that would solve all of my lifetime money worries I still wouldn’t go to the mailbox to get it. It’s just that cold.

Noping out of that idea, you know is a good thing.

On the agenda for today… I want to get some more stitchery witchery done. I have too many wips again, and somebody keeps adding to the list. If it wasn’t so stinking cold, I’d take her out to the back 40 and flog her ass, but then again, getting there in the wheelchair is problematic, and flogging my own arse doesn’t help much.

I have some dog sweaters to finish. It’s too damned cold for short furry units to get out there for more than a half second without extra warmth. I also have gifts for my daughters to get done. I need to find a couple of my knitting looms. The crap yarn works well on them, and I want to get these dog sweaters in waiting just blown out of the water that way.

I still need to organize my sewing station. I have it mostly set up, but I want the fabric on the shelves. Books and journals can be moved elsewhere, like to totes. Those can go under my bed. I also need to sort the sewing tools and such from the knitting/crochet tools and such. Having them all jumbled about is driving me insane. Yes, having everything in drawers is great, but they need to be in separate drawers.

I also want to spritz down everything I can with a bit of pine cleaner, and wipe things down. With the funks going around, I just want the house to at least smell nicer. Fighting depression with a cleaner nice smelling house just makes sense to this woman.

Other things… I need a scrap fabric area. Things where bits of this that I trim from projects can go. This way when I need a patch or just a small piece, I have it handy. I’m thinking a bin would work well for this. I’m sorely tempted to empty out a pvc drawer set, and use one of the drawers for scraps, and another for sewing tools. Sighs.

I said I was tempted, but I’m not sure.

Then again, a newer old hobby is creeping into my consciousness. I’ve started drawing again. I’m not as into it as I could be, but the big question is… “Where in the Hell am I going to put all of this crap?” I need room for the loom and spinning wheel. I need room for the drawing and sketching. I need room for another treadle. I need room for the sewing machinery I have. I need room for the supplies. I need room for my studies. I need another room.

“Idle hands are the devils plaything.” Yep, I have plenty of things to do, just not enough room to do it. If I could afford to put in an elevator and a bathroom to the upstairs, I’d move all of this up there. Heck I’d have room for a coffee bar with a snacks fridge. I’d also have to hire a moving company to do it, because the body just doesn’t have the ability to do it anymore. However, there are no miraculous checks coming in the mail, so no.

Ergo, I have to make it work. I have a whole two rooms available that I can’t physically use, but the body just doesn’t have the ability to do it. Heck, I’d move our bedrooms up there if we had the elevator thingy, and damn the consequences. But, ranting doesn’t get the chores done, and I have a lot to do.

Welp, at least the rant kept me warm for a few. I’m going to get busy, doggies are cold, and my daughters need their things made. Hugs, huge ones. Stay warm, know you are a treasure. May your coffee be stronger than the idiots you put up with today. -L


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