Morning, a long day

I spent the day yesterday cussing out my poor wee laptop. She’s a good girl, and I love her. However, trying to get a laptop to do the work of a tablet is much harder than the other way around.

I finally figured out which apps I desperately need, and I am actually using the one to write this. I also played for a little bit. Not so much games, but with the apps in order to see if I could make them do what I wanted them to do.

That took hours. There are I am sure still some bugs to fix, and several things I need to cycle out. This isn’t the worst thing that has ever happened, it’s just frustrating. Soon enough, I can get back into the swing of things.

Meanwhile, I hope you are well. While my hair didn’t quite all fall out yesterday, my usual messy bun kept trying to escape, I am sure several more white hairs sprouted.

I’m thinking of just dying it all white and being done and did with all of the messiness.

That said, I better get back to work. I’m currently reviewing the step study book work, and trying to get the next post in that series live. Take care all, hugs, –L