NA Step Study

I’ve been giving you a glossed over history of NA from the book Miracles Happen… by NA world services. More information is always available, however, I feel that it is time to dig into the Basic Text.

Our Symbol

On page xv of the book Narcotics Anonymous, the title Our Symbol is at the top. If you are following along in a kindle, that’s the page you are looking for. To boil this down, think of the shape as a pyramid on a dinner plate. The plate is the Universal Program. The pyramid has five sides. The base is NA Goodwill. The 4 uprights are God, Service, Society, Self. The peak of the pyramid is Freedom.

Preface to the 6th edition

The next page with writing on it is xvii. Preface to the 6th edition. The first paragraph talks about the change in the NA fellowship and the literature. It describes growth in the fellowship.

The 2nd paragraph describes the importance of the Basic Text… (NA’s name for this book.) and that members still derive strength from the program even years into recovery.

The next few paragraphs descrive NA’s growth, and the fact that Addiction not only doesn’t discriminate, it’s world-wide and doesn’t care how much or how little you have. This chapter describes why NA is all-inclusive, and that you are welcome, no matter who or what you are.

Preface to the 1st edition

Page xvi describes the history of the book, and the service structure of NA. The NA’s name for this book comes from page xxiii. “This volume is intended as a textbook for every addict seeking recovery.” It also includes the most important words in NA. Just for today, you never have to use again.


Okay, here’s important info in this section. We are on page xxv. It talks about how we inherited and adapted the program, and how this is the experience of addicts in the fellowship of NA. It also describes some of the painful lessons the fellowship has learned over the years.

That’s it for now. Hugs all, will continue with the study again shortly. Please read the actual sections involved, and don’t rely on my word for it. You are in charge of your own recovery, not I. Hugs again. -L