Hand sewing versus machine work

Morning all, hope you are warm and safe. Master Duke has already barked his greetings to the world in morning prayer, and I of course am safely ensconced at the desk thinking horrible thoughts.

I have a pocket project in the works. It’s done with scrap fabrics, completely by hand. I know, I have 3 sewing machines nearby and yet… The one stitch at a time satisfaction is calling to me. I don’t ‘blame Bernadette’ however, I do enjoy the process.

Bigger projects get the sewing machine treatment. I’m not about to work on a dress with the long seams by hand. No way in God’s green earth am I going to spend the hundreds of hours it would take to make a dress. Dresses get heavier wear, and have to survive a washer and dryer.

A simple tie on pocket? Not so much. It will never see a washer, and is a handbag at the minimum. I want this one, and several more, because leggings are my main goto for wheelchair travel. Dresses get caught and ripped in wheelchair wheels. A pocket, to hold my keys and phone is just perfect, doesn’t add much weight to the mix, and is relatively painless to wear. Add a mini pocket for my license and debit card, and that’s all I need to go shopping.

I make most of my own patterns. I did a google search for a pocket pattern, and didn’t feel as if the cost was worth it. I gained inspiration from youtubers, and Sewstine is a holy crap stitcher. However the pocket swap of 2021 really pushed me into motion on this one.

I am combining a utility pocket with a traditional 18th century pocket. The little pockets on the utility side have enough room for some edc items. The inside pouch is enough for a small skein of yarn and some dpns. Hopefully, by the time this post goes live, I will have finished the item, and will have added pics for you to enjoy.

As for machine work, the other reason I am not using the machine half the time. The hubs and I sleep in the same room as my sewing and computing equipment. With both of us being disabled, the upper floor of our house was abandoned years ago. We moved into the living room. So did my office. He’s asleep right now, and I don’t dare wake up my beloved. He needs his rest.

Hugs, I hope I have inspired you a little. -L

2 days later…. I said screw it. I cleaned off the sewing machine table and ran the thing through the machine. 1/2 hour versus the rest of the decade. Yes, I like instant gratification too.

On to the next project on the list. -L