What about the Recovery Bible?

Morning all, I’m listening to a podcast, and am finishing the morning cup. This morning, during my daily call with a recovery friend, I realized that I had no clue where my recovery Bible was. I had no idea. So, I began digging. I’m the current custodian of 2 recovery Bibles at this point.

Do I use them? Rarely. I did find both of them, and a couple of other books that I had thought I’d lost. My problem with these specific books is that I’m Catholic. There, I’ve said it. These books are written by and for Protestants. This is one of the rare times that I even bring up recovery Bibles.

Now, for the lessons included within. In no fellowship that I attend are those books either conference approved or fellowship approved. That said, over the years, whether or not something is fellowship/conference approved hasn’t meant one whit to me.

Back to the bible. I have a Bible, one which I actually crack open and read. The recovery Bibles, are a supplement to my recovery and a supplement to my Scripture reading.

Now, I understand that many if not most of you read the protestant Bible, I apologize if my words offend. For sobriety or clean time purposes, Faith is so important, and most fellowships do not suggest that you believe in any specific Higher Power.

Finally, if you believe in a faith in which a Bible is a part, I do recommend getting a Recovery Bible. Why? Because the information contained inside actually helped me stay clean at some point.

Hugs, hope your day goes well. -L


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