Crappy charging cords

Morning all, just settling in for the day, and I’m working on starting to think a bit.

Recently I wrote about the early demise of my tablet. I’m now writing this on that self same tablet. What was wrong?

It wouldn’t start at all. It had shut down, and no matter how many hours I charged it, it would not go. I was ticked, and I grieved.

Yesterday, I noticed that my laptop wasn’t charging. Oh hell no. I asked a friend about the extension cord I used, and that led me to the true answer. The charging cable itself had gone to blazes.

I immediately switched to a shorter and ironically cheaper charging cable. Instant success. I waited until the charging cable had finished its job. Then my brain got to thinking… What about the tablet?

Yep, the tablet started charging immediately. I waited and hoped. Before long, she booted, and my jaw dropped. Wow, so, I reinstated service with my cell provider, and while I watch youtube videos in the background, I am writing this post.

Those evil cables are now in the trash, ready to hit the great landfill on the other side of the county. I grieved, for the time lost due to crappy cords. Sighs.

So, I’m still going to write from the laptop, but for quick fling ups, the tablet and I are old friends. Thank You for your understanding. -L


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