Journal/Bullet Journal update

Morning all, it’s been awhile since I’ve done a bullet journal/journal post. Doing a bullet journal post without pics, well seems assinine. However, this is my blog. I’m not huge on posting pictures of the journal for any reason.

Spreads I usually use.

  1. Calendar and appointments: -this is a simple spread found in almost every planner I have had. I have stencils that I use for calendars. I adapt them for those months that start on Friday or end on Monday. I have on the right side of the page the calendar.. and a list of the appointments, monthly goals and the like on the rest of the page.
  2. Task specific spread: Here’s where we have the fun. For blog posts, I duplicate the calendar spreads, but also add blog goals. This is where I keep track of major posts for the blog. The minor ones, with photos, just don’t get tracked. Then there are spreads for diabetes, meds taken and other charting. Those have their own stencils. Then there are spreads that track progress on specific projects. They include phone numbers of people talked to, dates and times I talked to those people, and what progress made. Those projects are water heater search, sponsoring, recovery research, things like that.
  3. Journal and day specific spreads. For daily journal spreads, I sometimes will add silly animal images from stencils. I might even have a little charting. I write down from my lists, (daily tenth step) and I include progress made on projects. It’s a combo of daily log and diary.
  4. Stiching: I often keep project notes, a copy of the pattern, and problems I encounter on the way. Knitting, sewing, crochet and other projects get their own pages.
  5. Calendex and other trackers. Occasionally I run a mood tracker or other type. The weekly fauxbonichi spreads get my daily tasks. Things like dishes, laundry, take out the garbage, feed the dog… Normal tracking.
  6. Medical charting. Goes in a fauxbonichi weekly spread. Blood pressures, blood sugars, and things like that get their own spreads. Meds taken, meals eaten, exercise and pain levels get their own spread.
  7. 10th step specific lists: Positives about me, the day… God moments, gratitudes, prayers for others, help others, self care, things I purged, things I did right. Things I did wrong, with amends, motives and other magnifying info. Reading done, things I did without a prompt… or a tada list.
  8. Self care lists and spreads. This is a spread where I track perhaps one thing per day I do to take care of myself. This could be as simple as stretching, or having a cuppa hot cocoa when I am overwhelmed.

All these types of spreads are designed to help me to become a better more well rounded human. My journal is where I keep my sanity. It is what I turn to when I can’t deal with the world, or I am at my wits end. I turn to my journal when I am overwhelmed, underwhelmed, and feeling stressed. My journal is my bff.

Huge hugs, take care, -L


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