Acceptible, Responsible, and Productive member of that society

Morning all, I’m swilling down a caramel flavored coffee with too much creamer. My neck has popped a couple of times, and I’ve had a couple of cigarettes. So, I’m awake enough I suppose to write. We are at the part of winter where the doldrums have settled in. Christmas is long past, and the New Year is well, here.

In the step studies I’m doing here on the blog, it’s going to take awhile. I recognize that. At the rate I type things up, well. it could take years. However, the lines I’m finding in the literature do slap me upside the head. In the chapter How it works, from the book Narcotics Anonymous, the title of this post really wrecks some addicts.

I’ve had sponsees just give up at this line. Yet, it’s worth exploring. The whole quote is from the 4th paragraph in the chapter. “We believe that the sooner we face our problems within our society, in everyday living, just that much faster do we become acceptable, responsible, and productive members of that society.” Let’s break this down. We – US, all of those with experience in recovery. Believe – understand that the sooner we face our problems—- don’t put off the work involved. Within our society— which society? The society of Narcotics Anonymous? The society at large? In everyday living….. Our basic lives….. Just that much faster do we become… you get the rest.

Most of my life, I rejected society. I hated humanity. Especially today, where the wrong human can cough, and give me a disease that will put either myself or my spouse in the grave. Even a cold can put me in the grave. So, there’s that.

However, facing the problems I’ve caused in society, and in everyday living is exactly what the steps are designed to help me to overcome.

So, whether or not I am a defiant human, who hates other humans, or I am a regular human who enjoys being around folks, when I work the steps, I work towards becoming a better person among people.

My advice to anyone who has a problem with this line? Get over it. It’s a part of recovery, and a part of life. Keep your nose clean and work the steps, you aren’t ready to be a member of society yet anyway. There are bigger fish to fry, like the whole problem of being an addict. First thing first. There’s a reason that line comes after the steps are outlined in the damned chapter.

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Have a good one folks, please take care of you today. Hugs, -L