Confession time

I overhauled the dungeon yesterday. I’m hurting from ear to tail. However, I’m also going to the store later. It’s my quiet time away from the house type thing.

Sighs, please shoot me.

In other news, I have the sewing machine set up on top of another sewing machine. IE. My new home treadle is now the base for my brother sewing machine. If I had more room, I’d set up all 3 machines, but lets not be silly. I live in a bungalow, with the upper floor inaccessible.

So, next on the list of chaos, panic, and disorder… Finish some projects. I want to whittle down the project list to less than 10 on the go. Right now, I’m at 16.

So, I better get busy while I can. Hope all is well your way. Take care, -L


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