A few of my stitching tools

Morning all, thought I’d do a walk through of my favorite stitching tools. Let’s start with the sewing category.


Starting with my treadle sewing machines… Singer model 66 from 1924. I’ve converted her to hand crank. She is just beautiful. Then we have the New Home machine. She is older, and still in the repair and upgrade mode. Lastly, the Brother lx3817. All 3 models are work horses, and I swear I have stitched miles through these machines.

For hand sewing, I have my huswiffe… I started with a singer sewing kit with zipper. I got it at Walmart and I modified it to fit my needs. This kit goes into whatever stitching bag I have running. It’s bright pink. Some mods I’ve made is adding some of my favorite thimbles, and I made a simple needle book I made. I swapped out the nippers for some older ones which were shaped like a crane. I added a sponge, a few needle threaders and a sponge as well as extra nippers. I grab this first for every stitching project which involves thread.

For individual tools, I buy my hand sewing needles in ultra fine. I get my thread in thrift stores. I buy older sewing kits and often there is thread there. My favorite nippers are generic. For thimbles, I have all makes and models. Individual tools here just don’t matter.

Why do I have 3 sewing machines when I have a working model 66 singer? For the same reason I have both a sports bra and another type of bra. They do different things.

Knitting and Crochet

I’m lumping these together as there is so much cross over in tools.

Pouches, makeup bags, coin purses.. little pouches as well. So many knitting notions get jumbled together. Small dollar store pouches for the win.

I get those kits of knitting notions, cheap just a couple of dollars, and they work exceptionally well. I spread them amongst my pouches of things, which fit into a makeup bag, and holy crap… knitterly gold.

Now here’s where I am a hypocrite. I have chiaogoo interchangeable needles, but then again, I have the cheapest needles as well. For everyday knitting needles, those that are to make dishcloths and such… I have cheap knock off sets of ten to fourteen inch straights. For crochet, whatever knock off set or partial set I can get anywhere. Yet the most expensive thing in any case is the chiaogoo.


I have every type of knitting bag or craft bag you could imagine. Weird, since I am a hermit. However, splitting up projects into their own bag with all the tools except for the huswiffe, makes a happy medium for me. I have a separate huswiffe with knitting/crochet specific tools. They both live together in a main pouch. My favorite, is a homemade one that I took a tshirt and made into a bag.

The final outcome

I have other tools, we aren’t talking about spinning or weaving quite yet. The 4 big ones, the sewing machines and the chiaogoo are big ticket items. The rest are generic or items that I bought in thrift stores. When an item wears out, holy crap, I’m out what, 50 cents? Not heart breaking.

I hope 2022 is treating you well. Hugs, take care, -L


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