Adding to my journal kit

I’ve been watching too many youtube videos again. In an earlier post, I mentioned that the Hubs and I really don’t buy gifts for each other for Holidays. I did buy my beloved a Christmas present in 2021. He uses so many ice packs each year, he feels it helps his pain. However, he uses those hard ice packs like they go into a cooler.

I found a wearable ice pack for him. It fits where his normal icepack goes, and I bought a spare so that he can switch them out. I hope that he gets years of good use out of them, as I want him to be comfortable and happy. It’s impossible for him to be truly comfortable, but I want the best for him always.

What did I get for myself? Well, back to those youtube videos. I’ve written in the past that I have a fountain pen fetish. If I’ve been writing in my journals, I have fingers coated in ink. About the only way to change that is for me to either wear gloves or to soak my hands in hot soapy water. Even then, it’s a crap shoot.

I bought a cheap 20 dollar pen and ink set. Yes, a pen and ink set. Amazon had a 2 pen glass pen set with multiple inks. It took a couple of days to arrive, and I decided that it was more important to me to put it under the tree than to open it right away. The set was less than 20 dollars, and with tax, it wasn’t too dear. I’ve pens in my collection that cost more than that.

Since my husband and I are still waiting on our water heater, you ask why I bought something like this when we couldn’t afford it? Once in awhile, even a small luxury is nice to have. This kit never leaves my desk, and hides on the top of my desk with my other pens and writing utensils.

Perhaps I should do a full desk tour… We will see.

Hope all is well with you. Hugs, -L