Narcotics Anonymous History

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Back in the 1930’s a little fellowship grew on the east coast of America. It was called Alcoholics Anonymous. In February of 1950, a man named Jimmy K joined that fellowship. He was not alone. Others in those rooms had already begun to seek each other out, addicts in AA.

In the past, other versions of recovery had been started, and the first Narcotics Anonymous in the world actually wasn’t in California, it was on the east coast. However, they didn’t use the steps or traditions of AA. Eventually, by the end of 1953, the first true NA group had been formed.

Jimmy K had been asked multiple times to form the new fellowship, but according to the book, Miracles Happen, he resisted. He tried some of the other groups that had been forming, but found problems with them all. Eventually, he relented, and NA went live.

In reading through our history, the nature of addicts haven’t changed. The nature of addiction hasn’t changed. What this change brought about was hope for the future of addicts. As you read through the literature, hints of the growing pains of our history will show through. The information from this post was gleaned from the book Mircacles Happen The birth of Narcotics Anonymous in words and pictures. I purchased my copy from NA World Services.

You don’t need this book to recover, but I will quote it over time in the next months and years in these posts of NA Step Study.