Hard choices

Morning all, last month, I had to let my daughter know that we couldn’t do Christmas gifts. It was one of the hardest conversations I had to make.

You see, at Thanksgiving, our hot water heater died. Talk about swear words. We got by. However, the money I’d set aside for Christmas had to obviously go towards a hot water heater.

Sometimes, the hardest decisions are the ones out of necessity. My husband doesn’t like to tell me no when I want to do something, but the budget only goes so far.

I don’t like telling him no either, but my body can’t do everything I want to when I want to do it. There are days when just jumping in the shower and running errands can’t happen because I’m in too much pain.

Other choices that hurt are deciding when to get things done. When the muffler on the van was going out, and the battery was dying. Or the roof needs repairs…

It’s hard. However, we aren’t carrying this weight alone. Sometimes, having faith, and turning the pain over to God works exceptionally well. I still wake up and Thank God for the Blessings in our lives. Even a leeky roof over our heads is still a roof over our heads.

Ramen noodles are not the best food on the planet, but we will not go hungry. We always have them and rice to bulk out a meal.

We are safe, warm, and alive. That’s what counts.

Hugs, -L