Step Study, Narcotics Anonymous

Morning, it’s time for a cuppa, and to dig into working the steps of NA the way I have been taught. Note: I was taught how to study the steps in the other fellowship, and I was taught how to work the steps in NA by an AA member. If this isn’t what you are looking for, then take your pacifier and head somewhere else.

I am not your sponsor, and I won’t sponsor anyone online. To do so would be robbing you of the necessary interaction a sponsee needs.

That said, you will need:

Basic Text, It works how and why, and a step working guide. You will also need a dictionary. You can use the kindle versions of those books. You can use the kindle built in dictionary, and I recommend you do so. To work the steps, you can do it on paper, or you can do it with a keyboard. Your sponsor may tell you different.

A sponsor. I will not sponsor you, and I don’t answer online questions via this blog. I do my best, but hey, don’t rob yourself. Get a sponsor who works the steps actively.

I was taught to start with the cover of each book, read it to the back cover, and to take notes. I was taught that I needed to make notes in the margins. I was told to highlight what made sense. I was to put a question mark next to the items I didn’t understand. If I disagreed with what was written, I was to write down why I disagreed with the words in the book.

That said, that’s exactly what I am asking you to do. Since Joe and Charlie from the other fellowship are long dead, and no one has done an in depth study of the steps in NA… Here we go. I offer this information as freely as it was given to me.

One note: I will never ask you to do anything I haven’t done in the program. I will never ask you to do any work I haven’t done. I will also be working the steps and studying along with what I write here in the blog.

That said, I will be writing as much as I can. I will do the best I can. I hope this information will help you.



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