Simple Holidays

Hello all, good morning. The Hubs and I have been okay. Yet with winter full in, well, pain levels have been evil. It seems that the colder and more brutal it is outside, the worse it gets with the whole arthritis is a wretch from hell thing.

So, my Husband and I have simplified as much as we can for the Holidays.

For Halloween, I bought candy, but it was for our use. Sometimes a bit of a snack is a good thing. We enjoyed it for weeks. In fact I think I still have some in my desk drawer.

Thanksgiving brought us TV turkey dinners, augmented. My days of roasting a bird, inviting company, and making all of the treasures are long over. What we did do. I ordered the more decent turkey frozen dinners. Sadly, the store had to substitute.

So, we punted. I had enough extras ordered that our meal was close enough. There was pie, side dishes, and simple treats. We stayed home, and Duke enjoyed some leftovers as well.

For Christmas, we are repeating the Thanksgiving menu. Yes, frozen meals suck, but for simplicities sake, it works. We have enough treats and treasures to enjoy and celebrate the day. Our tree went up the 26th of November, which is what I’ve done the years we had a tree.

Other decor, very simply, was scattered around the house. For the meal, we are going to have ham, but we are also having mashed taters, a frozen casserole, and other yummies. Pretty much stuff that I can whack into the oven.

Breakfast for the first time in a couple of years is cinnamon rolls. They are the ones in the poppable can. Then we will have a larger supper. Dinner is for sandwhiches and other goodies.

Some of the treats are a cider mix, cookies, and of course the chex mix.

New Years brings more snackery for the most part. We will do again the chex mix, a meat and cheese tray thingy, and soups. If anything special will be homemade reuben sandwhiches with that soup.

Valentines day. Hubs and I don’t go out. So, we will probably order a cheesecake (my favorite) and have a meat and potatoes dinner.

Hubsy’s Birthday. Later in February, we have his favorite foods. He loves shrimp and fish. It’s the only time I make shrimp.

Easter. TV dinner time again. Though in this case, we do eat a lot of ham. So, I’m looking into a lasagna for Easter. With salad sides. Those frozen lasagnas work so that I’m not fighting the stove. The one caveat, devilled eggs. The world revolves around devilled eggs. Devilled eggs are second only to coffee in my world. Therefore…

Summer Holidays… We have burgers on the grill, with salads and lemonade or sun tea. We love deli salads, and the leftovers are gone within 24 hours.

Our Wedding Anniversary. In late July, we order Pizza. It’s something we very rarely do, unless he orders while I’m camping.

My Birthday and Clean/Sobriety Date.. They are one day apart. I have started the new tradition of going camping, and yes, they happen in October. I pack the foods I enjoy, and make the time for myself that I desperately need.

It doesn’t mean that we don’t love each other or that we aren’t being traditional. We are doing the best we can. For us, Holidays are days we eat meals that we normally don’t buy or can’t afford normally.

Our budget just doesn’t work any other way.


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