Project bags

Morning all, on this cold winter morning, I want to talk about project bags.

Blackie Thomas on youtube does bushcraft survival/camping videos. He makes a mean decent meal over a tiny stove, and gives horse sense solutions to many problems. In one of his videos he gave me one heck of an idea.

Project bags.

Meaning, you put everything for the project in the bag. The smalls needed to complete it, (needles or hook, tape measure, row counter, stitch markers, snips, pattern and such) and the yarn. Put the smalls in a pouch, the pattern in a one gallon ziplock, and you are set.

Holy crap this works. For simple projects, having it all in one, is such a dream. Even for larger projects, I can protect the yarn in waiting for the next color switch with a ziplock or two.

Even the smalls can be separated by pouches. Okay, I have a bit of a pouch fetish, but to have it all set up and ready to go is fantastic. Having many projects on the go, I can simply grab the one I want and hit the car. All I need to do is grab my wallet and stick it in a hoodie pocket.

Talk about slick. Each project has its place. Each tool is cared for and not lost in a pile of holy crap. I am tickled pink.

So, I’m passing the idea on to you. We all have ziplocks, and if you are as obsessed as me, you may have a few purses and pouches around. Set it up. I have a laundry basket I keep all ufos in now, each in their own project bag.

Hugs. Hope the last of this year is better than the beginning for you. Take care, -L


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