Stitchery Day

Morning all, am settling in to work on my stitches today. I have plenty of coffee at my side, and a few projects to complete.

There is the never ending repairs pile. The sewing machine and I have plans to tackle this. From slacks with seams that need to be restitched, to hems taken up. It’s time. Some clothes I will cut down to be added to the fabric stash. Also, towels need to be cut down to dishcloths and washrags. They need a zig-zag hem put in and then a crocheted edging.

Clothes to finish stitching pile. Okay, there are 2 skirts and a chemise that need finishing. I just set them beside the sewing machine and did other things.

Then there is the much needed pinafore/apron thingamy. I’d heard of a knitting apron. One that holds a skein of yarn in a pocket, that you can work on a project from the apron. This fascinates me.

Of course, there are several pockets to make. One of which is a specialty knitting pocket. Again, a skein of yarn fits, and working on a project while I’m wearing it.

The reason for this…. The wheelchair. In a wheelchair, the whole backpack of gear that seems ‘traditional’ isn’t. Also, easy for theft to take place. A wearable garment with pockets especially some that are hidden, that take care of my medical and knitterly necessities needs to be invented.

As I’m not really into the whole Etsy/Crapsy thing, I’m going to have to invent my own. It’s got to be short enough that it doesn’t get clocked in my wheelchair wheels. Warm enough that I can wear it on the coldest of mornings.. and thin enough that I can drive while wearing it.

The idea is somewhat of a wearable purse, without the straps that get bound up or tangled on my person.

Other than that, I have a couple of quilts I want to get repaired. This is where the fabric I harvest from clothes comes in. I bought commercial comforters years ago. They are getting worn out, and need to be repaired before they end up in the dumpster. I will simply topstitch over the holes.

That’s about it. It’s a winter’s worth of work to get done, and no I won’t get it all finished in a day. However, getting it sorted is a good beginning.

Hope all is well with you. -L


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