How many layers?

At heart, I live in the times of Sherlock Holmes. My favorite Victorian lived in the world of gas lights, horse drawn cabs and trains.

Women dressed in petticoat after petticoat, and wore dresses with a bit of ‘heft’ to them.

In 2021, I took up sewing because modern clothes don’t fit well over my abundant frame. Okay, to be blunt, I’m large, and most ‘fast fashion’ is designed to fit folks who weigh less than half of what I do.

The first item I made was a chemise. Floor length, and loose enough that I could wear it with a t-shirt under it. I can wear it outside in the summer, but in winter, it is a sweat absorber that I can wash frequently.

Then came the 2 cotton felt petticoats. Yes, I made petticoats. I used the idea of a wrap skirt, bought enough ‘pajama’ material and went to town. They are checkered and pink, and tickle my fancy.

I currently have an overskirt at the sewing machine. It’s designed to work with multiple petticoats, and to give a lovely swoosh as I walk.

So, this dark cold morning, before the sun is even up, I decided to ‘get a little warmer’. My chemise, which doubles as a summer dress and favorite nightgown, is my base. Then a modern t-shirt over the top. Next, 2 fluffly warm petticoats. A light morning dress in Navy blue is the top. Finally, one of my favorite roomy black cardigans, and a shawl for my shoulders.

Our old house isn’t well insulated, and most windows here have a decided draft to them. Even with the furnace keeping up, it’s a losting proposition. So, today, I’m bundled well and truly. The weight of the skirts comforts me, and my limbs haven’t been this warm since August.

A nice hot cuppa beside me, and I’m going to settle in with my stitchery. I need to make myself a pocket! I do have several crocheted ones, but this one, for my belt, I’m going to make out of some lovely fabric I think.

Have a good day! Hugs from Minnesota. -L


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