Plans for the Holiday

Morning all, just getting settled in. I have a couple of youtube videos playing in the background. This morning’s coffee has a couple of marshmallows in it. I need that soothing goodness.

Duke woke me a few times last night, and the bones they are a hurting. I’m thinking though, that today is a good day to set up our tree. The Hubs has it hidden in the garage somewhere. I need to pick up some lights and also sort through our ornaments.

I’m hoping to get some good bread going as well. The scent of bread baking, a tree going up, and perhaps some biscuits and gravy for breakfast… sounds like a winner to me.

Hope your day is a good one. Have been working on the step study launch. The problems I’m running into involve my brain farting. Chuckle. I’m getting older.

Take care, -L


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