The joys of a child.

Morning, hope you are well. May your coffee be hot and yummy today. Duke and I are settled in with a warm snuggle, and I’m watching the steam drift up from my favorite cuppa. This morning’s brew has a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg in it.

Yesterday, a sweet friend of mine and I talked about the joys her granddaughter has for the first snow of the year. We also talked about years gone by, and how we don’t have that same joy of seeing that cold white shit stuff on the ground.

I guess we are old and jaded.

It’s been a long time since the sight of snow falling or carols playing in the background brought a smile to my face. It seems like forever ago, since the thought of lights twinkling, and having a candy cane was fun.

I remember how excited I would get when I was little to wait for Santa Claus.

Today, the mail carrier bringing the latest package from Anazon brings a little joy, but never that kind of anticipation. The spark just left. I don’t know really when it happened that I became Ebenezer and not Weasy. Hmm.

Maybe before the ghosts of Christmas show up at my bedside, I better get that tree up, and start playing something cheerful and lovely on the radio. Maybe I need to make some cookies, and give a few to my sweetest Shuggie.

Maybe that’s an okay thing.

Hope you have a lovely day. Hugs, -L


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