A history rabbit hole

Morning all, another settling in and cosy morning here in Minnesota. Need to snuggle in with a warm shawl, relax and take care of myself today.

Yesterday, I fell down a rabbit hole of history videos on Youtube and Curiosity Stream. I’d decided that a warm snuggly day was in order, and since my body had decided to be a pain the night before it was a good thing.

I napped, enjoyed a hot cuppa tea, and wrapped myself in a warm poncho that I secured with a belt. Over that, I threw my favorite shawl. It seems that the draft from my window just is cold enough that Ugh is sometimes the order of the day.

On days like yesterday and today, hot steamy mugs of tea and soups that warm the soul are the normal. Watching the world blow away from the wind outside my window is just okay.

That said, today’s project is to open up one of my windows to allow more sunlight in. The way my desk sits, I face a window and yet the shelf portion of my desk blocks most of the view.

So, today, even though it’s going to be a bit colder, I want to see the sun more. So, that’s what I’m up to.

Afterwards, I’m thinking of settling in and working on a few shawls. Hope all is well with you today. Take care, -L


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