Owie, owie I was stupid

Last night when weather was coming in, I had two errands to run. The one was a suprise, and I enjoyed myself.

The other, well… I’d put it off as long as I honestly could. I needed to pick up the simples. We were out of milk, bread, bananas, and other staples.

Ugh. I topped off the gas tank, filled the snow thrower gas can, and then headed into the convenience store. The good news, I got out of there relatively inexpensively, almost. Prices are rising again.

The bad, I way over did it. My body is throbbing. I got too cold, (it was snowing) and I’m still trying to catch up. I just don’t get warm the way I used to.

More good. I made progress on an impromptu shawl. I needed a crochet project to take with me, so I grabbed a hook, a skein, and winged it.

More bad, the cold really did me no favors. I’d worn both a warm pair of leggings, a pair of bib overalls, socks, warm shoes, and enough layers on top that I should have been sweating. I didn’t account for the wind.

So, I need to just keep on trying. I’m slowly rebuilding the stamina I lost when my shoulders went ape on me. Hauling in the groceries by myself was a little too much as well.

I tell newcomers all the time, keep on trying. Never give up. Even if you relapse, keep on trying.

So, with my body, I’m going to use that advice. I’m not giving up, I will be grabbing some tylenol and some aleve in a few. Then it’s time to lay back down for a few.

Take care, don’t give up. -L


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