Yawn, stretch, snap, crackle, pop.

Morning, I have bribed myself sufficiently to wake up and greet the day. I’ve taken care of my diabetes, and even had some goodies from the coffee maker.

Last night’s tea on the little Ohuhu stove.

Duke and I were out on the patio quite late. To say that we behaved would be an overstatement. We had snacks, and he guarded me against the local cats while I reorganized the camping gear.

As such, the whole staying up and out late has my joints popping like rice crispies. Yet, the world is a good place because of it. I get to enjoy the smell of a tiny fire, and have my late night snacks while Duke enjoys the world.

I also seem to sleep better. The whole tossing and turning half the night because of this and that just doesn’t happen. I listen to books, music or podcasts, come in and about the time the timer on my bedside light goes down, so do I.

That said, I did spend all of yesterday plotting and scheming again. We will see how it goes.

Huge hugs, hope all is well with you. -L


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