Graham Cracker Addiction

Morning, my recent camping trip has awakened an old/new addiction in my life.

The year I was pregnant, graham crackers were suggested as a healthier snack for me. Low salt, low fat, yada yada. So, I began to add them to the grocery list.

I’d have them with peanut butter, I’d have them with a side of apple sauce, I’d have them with my decaf coffee. (I wasn’t as big of a coffee addict back then as I am now.)

That said, after I gave birth, they became a rare treat. On my trip, I met up with my sister, and we had a glorious evening, relaxing, giggling, and enjoying the day. She asked if I needed anything, and I said, “Marshmallows. I don’t want s’mores, I just want roasted marshmallows.” And, so we did.

Yet once I got home, that other craving reared its ugly mug. I started craving freaking graham crackers.

I’m so ashamed. I have several boxes in my filing cabinet. I keep the opened package on my desk, in a ziplock, and for coffee breaks, I chow down like they are going out of style.

I don’t have the teddy bear one, just the plain jane ordinary ones, and one box, carefully hoarded, of the cinnamon variety….

The marshmallows and chocolate in my snack drawer? Never you mind…. 😉

Have a good one. -L


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