Take my will and my life

Morning, hope all is well with you. Am settled in as usual at my desk. I’m in my favorite nightgown, and have augmented my attire with my warm slippers and a cardigan.

The new meds at least let me sleep, which for a steroid I guess is rare. The whole pain thing, I suspect is the reason why. I still want someone to do jumping jacks on my spine, but I digress.

The new tent is here. I’m tickled pink. I unwrapped it, played with it, examined the stitches and almost purred with excitement. I can almost imagine the adventures that tent and I will have. I think I will name her Hope, because she gives me hope for the future.

Other than that, the simplest prayer I know is… “Take my will and my life, guide me in my recovery, show me how to live.” I have a hard time remembering it when I am out of sorts. Yet, I have a harder time remembering it on the good days.

Yet, the source of my recovery is a power greater than the disease of alcoholism or addiction… Hmm.

Just random thoughts today. Got some more knitterly goodness worked on. Will post pics when I am able. -L


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