My drive train broke

Morning all, have been taking a few days off in order to work on this. Here’s what happened, and why I’m grateful for pre-writing most posts…

In late October, I woke up in severe pain, and had to roll over. I couldn’t with my right shoulder. I screamed, and figured out how to flip with just my left arm and legs.

That night, I laid down on my right side again, and learned “Oh crap, lets don’t do that again”, and quickly made it over to my left. It got worse, and I had figured that it was just over use.

Within a couple of days, my left shoulder started acting up. I am a side sleeper, and kept waking up to sharp pains. I finally gave in and started sleeping on my back. I did my best, but life happens.

I had an appointment scheduled with my primary, and amended the appointment to include new pain.

Now, in 2003, I ripped my right rotator cuff twice. I don’t recommend this. I really, really don’t. The 2nd time, I was going down a flight of stairs, slipped, and grabbed the rail with my right. I ended up hanging by that right arm.

In 2017, I ripped the other rotator cuff. Again, not a recommended action. I ended up getting diagnosed, but used the old exercises to work through the pain. In neither case, would they perform surgeries in order to fix what is wrong. I love modern healthcare.

So, on the first of the month, I saw my gp. They wanted xrays. Sighs. After driving the 60 miles to see my gp, I ended up having to ask that they schedule this with an orthopedic in my home town.

Sighs, tomorrow, I see yet another doctor. Someone new I get to train in the facts.

Fact 1: I am a drug addict. You can not now, nor ever prescribe something for me that has “Can not operate heavy machinery” on the label. This is the goto I go with, since recovery is always my first priority.

Fact 2: Physical therapy in the times of covid. I will attend the first session. I will then do the exercises at home. I don’t like humans, and don’t want to catch some bug from some idiot.

So, we will see.

On pre-writing most blog posts…

Fibro is a wretch. It’s evil, mean and sucks. On pain days, focusing on writing just can’t happen. So, I keep a couple of week’s work on a scheduled basis. This way I can keep my readers fed, and take a couple of days off as needful.

Hugs, hope all is well with you. -L


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