Upping the ante on canned soups

My deepest darkest secret is Sweet Sue Chicken and Dumplings. When I went camping, I had 6 cans of them along with. None returned with me.

Here’s how I kick it up a little.

Diced carrots, a little onion and celery, some water, garlic powder and a boullion cube. Bring to a boil… Yum

I add a little fresh ingredients to it and holy crap… All of a sudden my body just melts into my lazy slippers and sweatpants.

Tomato soup…. Generic from the can soup… A little onion powder, a little garlic powder, some paprika, a dash of butter and heat it up. If I’m feeling especially depraved, I serve it with a fried cheese sandwhich…

Back to the Sweet Sue Chicken and Dumplings, if I am feeling extra fancy, I will also stir in a can of chicken noodle. Skip the boullion. Add the rest. Now you have all the flavors…

Okay, I’m probably drowning in my own juices here, but I rarely restrain myself from doctoring up most pre-packaged things. Since I’ve been stuck in my chair with a hot cuppa and my knitting, I’m focusing on the soups and such that I’ve been scarfing down like there’s no tomorrow.

Hugs all, I know, a not so stellar post, but I’m trying. -L


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