His surgery went phenomenally well. He was up and about the next day, and working hard to get home.

Then he started falling.

By the time this post goes live, he may end up going home, he may still be in the hospital.

It’s not the hospital’s fault that he fell. It’s not their fault that he is ornery and stubborn.

He’s no stranger to flirting his way out of the hospital. Part of me wishes that he would stay inside, and go to a nursing home. Part of me wants to have more adventures with him grocery shopping.

My greatest character defect is being judgemental, and in this case, I just freaking can’t.

Back when I wore scrubs for a living, there was nothing a person could do to stop every single fall. There was nothing a person could do to stop a patient from getting hurt.

Free will is like that. Papa wants to get up and move, and he does so without nurse’s supervision. It’s hard.

So, I have to let it go. -L


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