I’ve had a request, for 2022

Morning all, been up for a bit, and am done with my coffee for the morning.

Every day I have a decently long phone call with one of my best friends in recovery. We chat about everything, and sometimes, this blog comes up in conversation. This morning, there was a request.

Oh boy.

I’ve been asked to do a bit of extra in 2022. I agreed. I’m wincing as I say this. My dear friend has asked that I feature a step per month for a year on the blog, starting in January.

So, in thinking this through, I will throw up that content in addition to the regularly scheduled blather.

Here’s the idea. On say 3 days per week, I will do a separate step study, tagged as such and featured on a separate page of the site. Those pages will go live on January 1st, I am thinking.

I will also have recovery links, and websites I follow to aid me in the working of the steps. Now note, I started learning how to work the steps in AA. I currently work the steps as a hybrid between the 2 fellowships of AA and NA. I have also worked the AFG or Alanon Family Groups version.

I am not an expert on working the steps. Any information presented is the opinion exclusively of myself and does not reflect on the fellowships themselves. The information presented can not be considered conference approved in any way shape or form.

That said, I have some work to do. Those posts won’t write themselves, and I need to get to work on designing some things to make my life simpler.

Take care. -L


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