Obsession over foods from childhood.

Obsessing over some things tonight.

Pineapple upside down cake, with a really crumbly yummy texture.

Alphabet soup. I miss my Mom. She made it for my brother and I when we were short little shits. They don’t sell it anymore from Cambell’s, so I will have to roast some vegetables.

Chef Boyardee pizza from a box, same as above. They still make it, but it’s nto the same.

Spanish Rice, made slow over the stove top. Dad made this one.

Chicken and Dumplings soup, homemade, filling, and I remember Mom making homemade noodles for.

Foods from childhood are important. We’ll see. I have the best luck in getting a good spanish rice and the chicken and dumplings soup. I think the pineapple upside down cake came from a church lady when I was a kid somewhere. Sighs.


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