The lists

A few years ago, I ran into bullet journaling, which was an excellent addition to my daily practice. However, once I moved away in the most part of being secretary for the ASC, I dropped the bujo world.

That didn’t stop my need for lists, and it definitely didn’t stop my journaling habits. However, life is too short for me to spend an hour of it a day in actively planning down and tracking everything I will ever do ever again FFS.

Instead, I have a thing where I have recipe cards on the side, with the type of things I track, the type of reminders I need etc… I figure, screw it. The world will not end if I am not being anal retentive about every niggling detail. It’s worked up until now.

However, this morning, I’m tempted sorely to delve back into the bujo world. The whole medical/camping/knitting/sewing crap. Mostly they are distractions for me, but… my DR needs pertinent information from me on my life. Sighs.

So it’s back to the FFS life. Wasting a dratted hour a day charting things that are meaningless to me, but to my Doctors, it might save my life.

That’s about all for today. Hugs, -L


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