Medicare, why do I care?

Not so long ago, I was settled in minding my own business when my phone rang. Normally, I’m not too up into dealing with my insurance provider, but it is the enrollment period for meidcare. Sighs.

I ended up on the phone for over 2 hours, and asking a few hundred questions. It turns out that I might be able to save a little bit of money by switching plans within my provider’s network. The problem I have with this is simple.

I don’t care.

With Medicare, it’s always a crap shoot. I always run into issues with never being able to afford most of the things I really need to do. Tooth broke in 2015? Nope, dentists are a luxury expense, live with the tooth falling apart for the next 6 years. I still have a jagged root on that side.

Need to get my hearing checked? Good luck with that. Get a cheap pair of knock off hearing aids when the ringing in my ears is really bad, and live with it.

Glasses? Well, go to the local Walmart, and buy the cheapest plastic frames and lenses I can because after the vision check, I am out of luck.

Mammogram and colonoscopy? LMAO, when I schedule those, my hospital’s business office starts calling and demanding payments beyond the $10.00 per month that I already can’t afford to pay them.

Pie in the sky luxuries, Dr’s appointments are. Physical therapy? Snort. I can go to the first appointment, get a list of exercises, and then leave.

Need testing to find out why meat makes me violently sick. Never mind, it will sort itself out in the end.

You are getting the idea. So, when a nice young man goes through over 2 hours on the phone with me to try to save me a few more dollars, it is a good thing.

Note: Yes, I go camping, yes, I still have a vehicle, yes I still have a home. I have many things that are considered luxuries now a days. I know that there are many who are much worse off than me without a roof over their head. God be with them all.

Hugs, needed to vent a little. -L


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